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For years I have been vilified for being poor and all the time balloting no. If at least 4 extra board contributors had voted no to additional administrative positions, no to revenue raises for directors, no to limitless accrual of holiday days (it is costing HCDE about $900,000 each 12 months when directors retire and profit their days), no to busing students in all places the county to magnet colleges, no to a $one hundred fifty,000 golden parachute for an outgoing superintendent, no to a premature superintendent contract extension (earlier than a efficiency comparison had been achieved) that put taxpayers on the hook for $500,000, no to out of town bus features who’re placing contract bus drivers who pay taxes in the neighborhood out of company, no to paying an out of city advisor $100,000 and offering him an office, and no to former budgets that didn’t cut wasteful spending and administration charge, issues would now not be close as dangerous as they are actually.

The board retreat in Nashville suggests the conceitedness of college administration and elected officers. For the remaining 4 years I even have asked why we could not hang our board retreat in Chattanooga. In spite of everything, does the county not spend lots of of heaps of bucks to lure retreats and conventions right here? Will we no longer have 79 schools with cafeterias and auditoriums? It may be a blonde factor, however doesn’t make sense to me to make Gary Waters, Ray Swafford, Ava Warren, Kirk Kelly, Tommy Kranz, and only the Lord knows who else, pressure two hours to Nashville, confer with the faculty board for 45 minutes and then need to force again to Chattanooga. So, once more this year, I asked about keeping the retreat right here. Imagine my shock when i used to be voted down.

In years previous I actually have attended these retreats because here’s constantly where the usual agenda for the entire year can be mentioned. And trust me with the dynamic duo of Chip and Joe, i wished to be there to place in my two cents value.

This 12 months I did not attend the retreat because of a conflict at work and surgery on my leg combating me from using two hours in a vehicle. Youngsters, with Kenny Smith as chairman, I did not be concerned about below the table offers. I also requested audio tapes of all discussions.

whereas it is right that the PEF paid for a huge component of this trip – it nevertheless cost the college device a great deal. In trade for out of city journeys for faculty board members, administration and selected teachers, the college gadget gives the PEF complete control of staff development and primary practicing. The PEF additionally picked our curriculum and set our specifications on the time of the merger. The PEF additionally has a seat at the desk any time educational considerations are discussed so one can implement their imaginative and prescient for education. The PEF is frequently quoted in the paper speaking for HCDE. Administrators in the PEF sit down with HCDE personnel and elected officers at graduations notwithstanding they aren’t elected, appointed or in charge.

The present college board is eventually taking motion on cases that have cost the gadget money for years and former school board contributors did not are looking to contend with. One is the Erlanger sanatorium that occupies the former Franklin core school. For years not handiest have we allowed the health center to function there employ free, however HCDE maintained the building and until a couple of years in the past HCDE paid the utilities.

one more situation the school board is finally dealing with is the former Piney Woods constructing that has had occupants off and on for years. Concern is the school board did not recognize who the occupants were or who gave them permission to be there. Once once more, the HCDE was proposing them utilities and protection. Chester Bankston, chairman of the amenities committee, is within the technique of compiling assistance on all surplus college properties so the board can promote them and unlock the preservation branch to focus funds and manpower on structures that apartment college students.

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You mess with the meow meow You get the peow peow poster

I have outlined simply just a few of the approaches the faculty board has acted irresponsibly in the past. I know some of these issues seem unimportant if you happen to are speakme a couple of $20 million shortfall. However, I accept as true with the historic saying, “if you watch your pennies your greenbacks will focus on themselves.”

this is going to be the toughest finances I even have ever needed to contend with. It is going to require all board members to need to sacrifice anything. I am hoping new board participants will put a cease to certain board participants whining in the back of the scenes to administrators and getting their means.

I even have tried to lay out how we got during this monetary mess. It did not occur in a single day – it took years. It will take years and responsible management to get us back heading in the right direction.