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here’s a ripple effect of an earlier alternate: James Harden to Brooklyn. In that radical reshuffling of players across several NBA groups, Jarrett Allen emerged as Cleveland’s middle of the longer term.

So, at the five in Cleveland, Drummond is no longer even a brief-time period fit. He is nevertheless on the group. But he is already lost his job. Why? As a result of James Harden went to Brooklyn. (Why? Because… That you may see how this simply goes on and on.)

Drummond is the subsequent big NBA identify on the movement, but the article mentions one of the most main barriers for a deal: making Drummond’s $28.7 million dollar expiring deal work below the suitor’s cap and Cleveland’s.

The Adrian Wojnarowski-Brian Windhorst article generates a hyperlink to an in-depth evaluation via Kevin Pelton, and as savvy fable managers, we click on on this hyperlink, realizing it’ll secretly contain myriad fantasy angles.

here, Pelton as it should be identifies one other roadblock that at once correlates to fantasy: the acknowledgment that Drummond’s eye-popping box score stats “do not translate to cost.”

As delusion professionals? Sure. We’re conscious. Now we have been tracking this cut up in Drummond’s price since he entered the league. And we adore it like that. Because for us, these inflated box ranking stats are Drummond’s price. We care about Drummond’s free throw percent greater than his team’s winning percentage.

but once more, there is a connection.

as a result of we desire Drummond to be on a group where he’s enabled to gobble up all of the counting stats he can deal with… Despite the fact that it would not beget profitable NBA basketball. We are steadfastly in opposition t Drummond going to someplace like Brooklyn, the place he’ll have a diminished function, and diminished counting stats.

both of the standard above factors — profits, statistical/specific NBA value — will affect Drummond’s most advantageous destination.

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however here’s where we arrive at my eventual vacation spot: the fantasy connection. It be outlined in Pelton’s piece:

“Take the Toronto Raptors, who have a gap at starting core the place Aron Baynes (Drummond’s former backup in Detroit) has struggled this season,” Pelton writes.

What Pelton underscores is that the precise odds of Drummond going to the Raptors are slim. To make the salaries work, the Raptors would need to shed a big identify (Kyle Lowry) and certainly one of their promising younger avid gamers (say, OG Anunoby). And it be hard to envision Masai Ujiri shipping out such promising young upside for Drummond, whose aforementioned inflated statistical portfolio looks to be at odds with Ujiri’s group-building ethos.

however let’s stream past that. Why is that this even a rumor?

because the Baynes signing cratered.