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Is there a story behind your name? My mom heard it on a tv demonstrate and concept it sounded satisfactory, after which added an “i” as a result of she idea it sounded greater female. A different choice became “Lennon” as a result of John Lennon had simply been shot and my parents had been both big Beatles enthusiasts. My core identify is Celeste, so I feel like I even have a hippie name, very celestial.

Are you at the beginning from Rochester? No. I’m initially from Sherwood, Arkansas— born and raised there, then lived in Little Rock and North Little Rock, in primary Arkansas, unless i was 37. Then I moved to Rochester in April of 2019.

What brought you right here? My husband Russell, who is additionally at the beginning from Arkansas. We have been just married in October.

adequate, inform me the engagement story. Russell had a visit to Las Vegas for work and i tagged alongside. It became our 2nd or third nighttime there. He knew I’d been to Vegas earlier than, and that i admire the Bellagio fountains, so he intended to propose there. However the closer we obtained, he realized how loud they had been. So he decided that proposing beneath the “Eiffel Tower” would be simply nearly as good. He didn’t kneel since the streets there are disgusting. He truly told me he couldn’t reside devoid of me, after which we went out to a delicious Italian dinner. We celebrated the next nighttime at “friends the Musical” on Fremont street.

“friends the Musical?” How have I never heard of this? It’s like the complete series compacted into two hours. It’s humorous, and the whole component is a musical. And the actors were phenomenal.

What do you think of your first iciness here? Well, it wasn’t very unhealthy remaining 12 months. I overlooked the polar vortex. I bought an incredible winter coat in expectation and i feel I wore it once. I wished to experience the cold earlier than I moved here, however each time I visited, it become all over a heat entrance.

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five things you love? Russ, coffee, yoga pants, crisp, cold air that smells like wintry weather’s coming, fascinating sunsets, the moon, and Hattie snuggles.

That was seven, however I’ll let it circulate. Who’s Hattie? Hattie is Russell’s daughter, my stepdaughter. She’s four, and she’s been in my life due to the fact that she turned into 1-1/2 or 2. I didn’t suppose i used to be going to get an opportunity to have my very own baby, and i definitely get pleasure from that relationship.

best Saturday? Truthfully, simply a lot of coffee and watching “condominium Hunters foreign” in my pajamas … For six hours.