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‘I continually suppose protected. I used to be best out for approximately seven minutes, now not even that. I used to be just taking him for a short stretch of his legs and a bathroom spoil.

‘When this took place i used to be just a 30-2nd walk away from my condo.’

as the van drove off, Taylor’s mum came speeding out and it was then she burst into tears.

Taylor, who’s had Harley since he turned into 12 weeks old, stated: ‘As quickly as my mum got here out of the apartment and i saw her I just burst into tears.

‘in the second you do not think upset however when you go indoors and think about what happened it basically hits you.

‘Harley had no theory what turned into happening but he acquired plenty of hugs and kisses when he bought in.’

Taylor, who’s had Harley for the reason that he was 12 weeks old, talked about: ‘As soon as my mum got here out of the residence and i noticed her I simply burst into tears’

Taylor spoke of: ‘It turned into a extremely horrifying journey. You’re now not simply going to provide your dog up, you might be going to position up a fight and you have no idea if these people have knives’

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Taylor spoke of she felt compelled to share her experience to make certain different dog walkers are vigilant of their environment.

Taylor stated: ‘I made the video because I are looking to warn individuals this is going on. These americans should stop doing it and be caught.

‘That morning it was the first time i’d been out [to walk him] by myself however i assumed “i could be fine, i am most effective going to head up the highway” and then it did occur.

Dog thefts double as pet costs leap throughout pandemic

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The number of canines stolen during the previous yr in Britain has doubled, making it the worst 12 months ever for the crime, the volunteer provider DogLost claims.

The community, which reunites missing canines and their house owners, says the thefts have left heaps of households devastated as pets are snatched from gardens and cars – and even all over walks.

more than 320 situations were mentioned to police between January and August ultimate yr, the business enterprise mentioned, up from a hundred and seventy all over the total of 2019.