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[Official] Watch ya step kid wu tang doormat



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Wu-Tang Clan Watch ya step kid doormat 2
Wu-Tang Clan Watch ya step kid doormat

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Careful, this might be identified as racial discrimation, do you think? It seems some people can only see what ‘others do”, not how they create their own consequencs and the behaviors they exhibit invite criticism. I have no problem with what the bar owner did. He is demonstrating his own feelings, free speech, right? Or is the considered to be character assination by some groups. Why is ” lynching” or a hangman’s noose racist? To lynch someone is to execute a person by hanging without a trial watch ya step kid mat. And in my part of the country far more white men swung from the end of a rope than did blacks.


The media and the people feeding off it are making this story an overkill. I get what they’re fighting for, it’s okay. At this point they’re using it for clicks. It’s like beating a dead horse. Almost as bad as calling our President a white supremacist. So if it’s good for jemel hill ok then it’s good for the bar owner right?? No wonder this man likes the national anthem since the third verse glorifies the killing the slaves. Search the internet for the third verse of the national anthem and you’ll find several articles that state this. Such a pitiful, pitiful situation that people still have the same heart condition.

I think that people are missing the point. The reason that they are kneeling is not because anyone is agaist our military or our flag. It is because not all people, that are American’s, are treated equally. Different standards apply depending on race or religion. Being a military brat I was raised to stand for the flag every time it went by me. I respect the right of those to kneel as must as those that have the right to stand. That is what it is to be American. To have the right to decide. When soldiers came back from the Vietnam War people spit on then. That was complete disrespect. I myself would like to have a country where we respect each other. Lift each other up. Understand that protesting is what made changes for the better. If not for protests. We wouldn’t have the freedoms we take for granted. Watch ya step kid welcome mat The same right that he is exercising to do that is the same that Kap and others are using. We need to learn to accept our differences.


Thank you dear President for fanning the flames to further divide our country. In this era of exceptional chaos and fear, between the natural disasters and the threat from N Korea, you should be trying to unite us, not divide us.Does anyone ever try to even attempt to see the other side’s stance on issues or do they just choose one side and run with it?
How many effin’ times does it need to be bored into these moron’s skulls that the players are NOT protesting to disrespect our military or veterans? They are doing it to bring attention to the injustice of racial profiling by law enforcement in this country.

If people think the anthem is an inappropriate venue to display that protest, that’s fine watch ya step kid door doormat. I get that. People who put their life on the line for this country should never be disrespected. But this is not about them – it’s being made about them. So don’t paint these players as America-hating traitors based on a silent protest. They have every right to be angry, especially after what Trump said. Racial profiling is a big problem in this country. If that ever gets properly addressed, then these anthem protests & counter-protests will finally stop. Let’s just find a way to compromise on this and find a resolution instead of endlessly bickering on whose stance is the right one.


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