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Kourtney Kardashian’s pal Addison Rae flashes a peace sign up Beverly Hills after getting a TICKET from a motorbike cop

Addison Rae turned into noticed being pulled over by means of a motorbike cop in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

The 20-year-ancient TikTok celebrity changed into in her red Tesla as she wore a black hat that said ‘lousy’ on entrance and added a white face masks.

After the ally of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian spent a couple of minutes speakme to the officer, she became viewed with a ticket in her hand.

What ticket? Addison Rae become spotted flashing a peace sign after being pulled over by way of a Beverly Hills police officer for rushing on Wednesday afternoon

The social media character later looked as if it would take the event in stride as she was viewed flashing a peace sign after receiving a ticket.

Rae stored her garb choices very informal throughout the event as she changed into considered donning a t-shirt that spoke of new york and a pair of shorts.

She also kept her assets near her in a small blue purse that turned into slung over her left shoulder.

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The social media superstar contrasted her white sneakers with a black baseball cap during her go back and forth.

One-on-one time: The TikTok celebrity turned into seen overlaying her mouth along with her left hand while speakme to an officer

not a fun day: The social media character held her head in her hand whereas discussing the rushing incident

The observe ‘lousy’ prominently stood out in white lettering across the entrance of her cap.

The TikTok star turned into viewed wearing a white face mask to cut back the possibility of exposing herself to COVID-19.

Her vivid red Tesla SUV stood out while the social media personality waited to be cleared to go away.

The car’s colour was changed late ultimate yr by way of her father Monty Lopez, as his daughter wanted her vehicle’s colour to match a pink cowboy hat she owned.