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so far as Dr Titeux is concerned, this type of cat behaviour has an obvious trigger: the lockdown, and, greater mainly, being endlessly restricted with people. These worst affected are indoor cats, who can’t go away their homes and are compelled to coexist all day with their house owners.

“Some cats have in reality had it with humans. They’re going crazy being caught with all of them day,” says Dr Titeux, who’s also viewed a rise in cats exhibiting repetitive behaviours, akin to excessive licking and scratching, or “signals of distress”. Due to the fact that the lockdowns started, she has also seen extra cats that are obsessively clawing at americans or scratching things.

It’s essential to be aware that we’re not talking about all cats right here. “We shouldn’t generalise about this,” says Dr Titeux. “there are such a lot of cats who love people, who love fiddling with their owners – obviously these cats were delighted with the instances. But then you definately have cats who aren’t really close with their people. And once they turn out to be stuck with people who insist on interacting with them all of the time, well, that doesn’t go so well.”

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For the anti-social felines, there’s no miracle answer. “occasionally we’ve put cats on fluoxetine, an ingredient you find in [the anti-depressant] Prozac. That may reduce aggression,” says Dr Titeux. “but once more, just because you’re giving animals melancholy meds that humans use, it doesn’t imply the animal is definitely depressed.”

For those battling an unhappy cat, one answer – if possible – is to alternate the cat’s environment. An additional is to trade the style you have interaction together with your pet. “allowing them to come to you is a superb start,” advises Dr Titeux.

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