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Gardener, sixty nine, who drowned his neighbour’s pet cat since it kept attacking birds and digging up carrots and leeks from his vegetable plot avoids penal complex

  • Richard Giles, 69, grabbed hold of neighbour’s tabby cat Ruby and drowned it
  • He admitted killing the pet, saying he turned into ‘driven to it’ because it turned into ‘ruining’ his vegetation
  • Giles blamed neighbour Shirley apparatus-Evans for practicing Ruby not to head for birds
  • He changed into surpassed 12-week suspended sentence and ordered to pay Ms equipment-Evans £1,000 by way of Weymouth Magistrates court docket

An irate gardener who drowned his neighbour’s cat because it stored attacking birds and digging up his vegetable patch has escaped reformatory.

Retired businessman Richard Giles put tabby cat Ruby in a sack and then held her in a water butt on his property unless she turned into dead.

He later dumped her body in a ditch.

When Ruby’s involved proprietor, Shirley apparatus-Evans, asked Giles if he had considered her pet after two days of searching for her, the 69-year-historic informed her ‘you might not find her. I’ve killed her.’

Giles later blamed Ms gear-Evans for Ruby’s loss of life, telling RSPCA investigators the widow may still have expert her now not to move after birds.

Richard Giles, 69, has escaped prison after he admitted drowning his neighbour’s cat after catching the tabby ‘ruining’ his garden vegetable patch within the village of Adber, close Sherborne in Dorset

today Giles seemed before magistrates in Weymouth, Dorset, to be sentenced for animal cruelty.

He become handed a 12 week reformatory sentence suspended for one year by way of magistrates.

He ought to additionally pay £1,000 in compensation to sixty five-yr-historic Ms equipment-Evans for the loss of her beloved cat. A court heard that she doesn’t think secure to get one other cat while Giles is her neighbour.

Ruby the tabby cat was drowned after she ‘ruined’ Richard Giles’ vegetable patch

The court heard that Giles became fed-up with Ruby coming onto his £1m property in the village of Adber, Dorset, and inflicting a nuisance.

He and his late wife Judy had created a wildlife haven in their garden for birds and he became irritated every time the cat attacked them.

Giles become additionally aggravated at Ruby for ruining his seed mattress in his garden.

The final straw came on September 19 ultimate 12 months when he discovered Ruby in his kitchen after he had left some food out. He caught her and killed her.

Matthew Knight, prosecuting, said Giles fell out his Ms gear-Evans after he found out she had taken in a rescue cat to retain her enterprise in her retirement.

Mr Knight mentioned: ‘On September twenty first she bumped into the defendant and requested if he knew where Ruby turned into. He instructed her ‘well you may not locate her, she’s long gone, I killed her’.

‘He talked about he tried calling her on the nineteenth to tell her what had came about and there was a blocked number name at 8.27 that day.

That’s What I Do I Pet Cats I Sew And I Know Things Poster


‘In interview he absolutely admitted he had drowned the cat in his water butt and dumped the body in a ditch. He noted he killed her as a result of he turned into concerned with germs and the impact of the cat on local birds.

‘He criticised the owner for getting her from a rescue centre and criticised her for not working towards the cat.

‘It is clear Mr Giles became below the impact his moves had been justified.’

Vet Katrina Knill pointed out that Ruby would have suffered awful stress.