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Many God-realised saints deny dwelling in worldly opulence but not Shri Satya Sai Baba. How do You clarify this?

[Śrī Aditya asked: Sathya Sai Bāba. Dear Śrī Datta Swāmi You have said that Satya Sai Bāba is Your Guru. You have also indicated that He is the previous human incarnation of Lord Dattātreya. Lord Śrī Dattātreya as Śrīpāda Vallabha had declared that He will incarnate as Shirdi Sai Bāba. He had also mentioned other important incarnations that would take place. However, He had not mentioned anything about Satya Sai Bāba as His incarnation. Moreover, Satya Sai Bāba had said that He is Shirdi Sai Bāba reincarnated once again for the welfare of humanity. Shirdi Sai Bāba lived like a renunciate whereas Satya Sai Bāba was surrounded with all worldly opulence. Many God-realised saints denied living amidst worldly opulence, but they still executed their mission. How do You explain this? Since there are many people, who claim to be incarnations of some God or popular saint but yet their attitude proves otherwise. Nowadays, many people who claim to be saints are richer than average householders. Detachment from material fame and wealth is a very important characteristic that cannot be ignored for any saint. Another question that I would like to pose is that Satya Sai Bāba had said that He will end His incarnation at the age of 96 but He had already passed away at the age of 84. Why does the reality contradict with His prediction? How can something uttered by someone as an incarnation of Shirdi Sai Bāba be proved false? Sir these are just some of my questions that I would like to ask You since Your website says You are the full incarnation of Lord Dattātreya. Please clear my doubts with credible sources of evidence. Thank You. By, Aditya]

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Swāmi replied:- When Shirdi Sai Bāba was mentioned, both other incarnations (Satya Sai Bāba and Prema Sai Bāba) are spontaneously protected within the triad chain as a result of God promised that he will incarnate in the Gotram of Sage Bharadvāja thrice. The three Sai incarnations are taking vicinity within the identical talked about Gotram. Therefore, Satya Sai instructed from the starting that He became the incarnation of Shirdi Sai most effective. Of path, one scholar was very anxious to understand the original God present in Satya Sai, who became additionally latest in Shirdi Sai. Satya Sai asked him to take His image via a Polaroid camera. The photograph got here displaying God Dattātreya. This skill that the primary full of life incarnation, God Datta, with whom the impossible God (Parabrahman) merged takes any incarnation with the aid of merging with full of life or human medium.