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all a big win for us. You understand, there may be been, uh can you guys hear me? Okay. Massive win forces has been a tricky, hard season. And the primary component I informed him within the locker room was who concept we have been gonna play eleven games this 12 months? We’re one of the vital few crew nation that truly stayed on. I’m scheduled. You recognize, the simplest video game that turned into changed wasn’t what they had nothing to do with us, you know? And then i’m gonna use it in recruiting that we acquired basically good younger guys, respectable individuals surrounding him in our software. And and it allowed us to play eleven ball video games this year. So I believe that is indicative of the type of individuals we’ve in our application and the subculture that we now have here. Uh, you comprehend, there may be been some usaand downs this yr. Most likely, we I wish our checklist changed into a whole lot more advantageous than what it turned into, but, you understand, qualifying for a bowl online game. First time in college history. We’re enthusiastic about that. Uh, get a chance to play again. We’re excited about that, and you know that this changed into a large win today. You be aware of Memphis has got a very story software, and it was respectable toe. Get him in right here and get this win. You obtained the rest? It turned into Will Halls last video game with you. Quality approach for him to go out. You think 5 touchdowns? Um, balance the whole variety of the entire package today. On our feel. Yeah, i assumed. Well, name the high-quality game. I assumed he did an excellent job managing clock there at the end. You recognize, I always focus on this. Coordinators. There may be no longer loads of guys which you can play quickly and slow. I thought we did a superb job mixing up our tipos all through the online game.

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You understand, i believed Michael pride had it is barely a brilliant game, making remarkable selections, you be aware of, quarterbacks involved in every single play. And, you comprehend, they may be lower than a handful in there that you know, that that he would probably like to have again with him. So he i believed he played a brilliant online game. Uh, he’s a troublesome kid. Now, tell me, take some hits. He knows the change between getting out of balance. He’s getting stronger at that. Early within the year i was little i used to be talking to him about, uh, you comprehend, first down, landing. Get down. You recognize, And he changed into no longer doing the get down. Very good. But there become just a few times today he did a pleasant job of that. You recognize, we shouldn’t have a number of drops. He throws for over 300 yards, and he is probably about eighty%. Eighty five% completion percent. So, uh, a few definitely large throws earlier. Captivating. Right in the bucket throat. A deuce for a touchdown in an exquisite throat. Oh, Jack Lan. Early in the game too. So very, very, you know, quarterback place. Well, you obtained an opportunity to play truly good on offense. And coach, what does that say about him? You be aware of, you seem lower back how the toss the online game ended and he simply ableto, you recognize, brush it off and bounce again. Neatly, he is tough. He’s just And that actually wore on.