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Pitbull girl you are not just a Dog



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Twice a day I stroll past a neighbor’s house to do my day by day duty to stroll Harley to do her daily doody. Truly, I’ve been passing this condominium daily due to the fact 2007 when Judy and i moved to Florida.

Early on I dubbed this girl “Golden lady” or “Goldie,” for brief. She became a primary prize-winning neighbor. She automatically cherished her sobriquet and would remind me of it if I ever made the error of calling her anything else.

Golden girl turned into frightened of dogs. Our rescue dog, Harley, is a large orange mutt with obtrusive pit bull ancestry. Goldie swallowed her trepidation and bonded with Harley who is as harmless and cuddly because the huge stuffed dog that she took to sound asleep with after her loved husband passed two years ago.

Standing 5 ft 2 inches tall, she was a ball of love and warmth. Her unabashed sense of humor even handed her friendliness. She had a million funny experiences and she or he loved being the butt of a practical funny story as smartly.

every holiday her doors had been opened to neighbors and pals. Her table groaned below the burden of their piled high vitals. On New yr’s Eve, we’d come domestic late from a celebration. Her lights burned, her door turned into opened, no depend how late. Her older son’s fresh-baked cookies embarrassed the gooiest cake on the table. Her youngest would all the time come down from Virginia for the vacations along with his spouse. They have been a close and loving household. Pitbull girl you are not just a Dog you are my sanity you are my happiness my therapist my best friend poster

Goldie was saddled with a pair of unhealthy legs and various other discomforts. I liked to aid her take her rubbish pails down and up and elevate her grocery luggage in.

Steve West (Mort Mazor / Courtesy / South Florida sun-Sentinel)

Judy and i are very cautious about COVID-19. Goldie become not as cautious, so we decided to retain our distance. No greater pails or baggage for me.


birth your day with the accurate stories in South Florida.

unfortunately, the virus caught up with her. We referred to as 911 to get her into the hospital and then again once more after they despatched her home tomorrow. She become so unwell. She fought it and didn’t hand over. We received calls and texts from her assorted times a day. Between her gasping for breath, coughing violently and uncontrollable sobbing, she would squeak out “i really like you,” “It hurts so a whole lot,” “I’m so afraid,” and “I don’t want to die.” When she had no breath to talk, her texts study the same.


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