Detective Team

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Pigs and wine make everything fine poster



One of the few games here venturing into the relatively new realm of VR, Backyard Cricket was envisioned as a bigger scale version of the classic test match board game. The mechanics of swinging a virtual bat are already up and running, but the full board with all roles is in development. Early access will begin soon.

Beautiful Bricks

Ready Wolf

“I love these brick breaker games but found them a bit boring and wanted them to evolve,” said developer ReadyWolf. Beautiful Bricks is a hybrid of several classic arcade games, most notably pong and space invaders. Multiple players use joysticks to control moving blocks, working with or against each other to clear rooms with bouncing projectiles. Currently in late beta.


Dime Studios

“Super Mario Bros meets Tetris” was the introduction for this game, yet it arguably possesses more tension than either. Players race to build their way above the rising lava by grabbing and rotating pieces of the terrain as they go. The “four-player party apocalypse” will see people work together to climb, until the pressure forces them to leave someone behind. Available now on Steam early access.

Bloodbeard’s Revenge

Hellfire Studios