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Periodic Table Of Black History Poster

Horan’s habit of standing up for principles, combined with the treacherous nature of Middle East politics, eventually derailed his Foreign Service career. Saudi Arabia is more than America’s principal strategic and financial ally in the Arab world. Its uncompromising desert is where the foundation stones of Bedouin culture and Islam were laid. For a State Department Arabist, therefore, no position is more exalted than the ambassador’s post in Riyadh. In late 1987 Horan was just settling into this job when he and his staff, assisted by national intelligence findings, began to solve the latest riddle of the sands. In the desert south of Riyadh, Washington learned, Chinese technicians were installing medium-range ballistic missiles, easily capable of reaching Israel. The Saudis had secretly broken an understanding with Washington, and Horan was instructed to make clear to King Fahd just how distressed the United States was. Horan delivered a formal protest in writing to the King. The shamed King made it clear that Horan was no longer a viable interlocutor. Horan was recalled to Washington. He later was elected president of the American Foreign Service Association.

“Hume Horan and I belong to an elite club,” says Richard B. Parker, a sixty-nine-year-old former ambassador to Lebanon, Algeria, and Morocco, “the Awhab Shubak–‘Arabists Who Have Been Shit Upon by Arab Kings.”‘ (Parker’s tough reporting on Morocco caused King Hassan to demand his recall.)