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Cindy Brockett calls The Hummingbird Junction a special, eclectic boutique.

“it’s crammed with all types of fun items to come back see,” she says of her Madras store.

that you can locate everything from clothing and collectibles to dishes and toys and all types of treasures.

Brockett reopened her shop closing Wednesday, Jan. 27 at a brand new region on Southwest First road in Madras.

“I actually have always loved to move treasure looking, whether via garage-saling or thrift shop browsing. It be excellent the fun and engaging things which you can discover,” Brockett spoke of. “i wanted to look if I might make a go at operating a fun new and used boutique.”

So, back in 2018 she rented a small constructing on the corner of Seventh and B streets in Madras and opened The Hummingbird Junction on the Fourth of July.

“I ran the enterprise there for a little over a yr and without delay saw that it changed into now not best sustainable, however a blast,” she spoke of.

Brockett and her husband, Gale Brockett, ultimately bought the property at 257 SW First highway and began the long system of establishing and building The Hummingbird Junction on their own property. The shop occupies a cheerful yellow cell constructing with a white wood fence and brick walkway.

“One component it truly is so striking is to look and listen to the trains crossing the trestle a couple times all through the day,” she observed of her new place.

In 2010, a new job brought the Brocketts from Prineville to Madras. She worked as a prevention specialist at BestCare treatment services and taught young Culver and Madras college students about the hazardous consequences of drug and alcohol.

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“This gave me a good probability to in fact get to understand so many fabulous people all over the group,” Brockett mentioned. “I rapidly fell in love with the americans and the communities of Jefferson County.”

there is a story at the back of the store’s name, too.

“The Hummingbird Junction name comes from a personal interplay with a hummingbird visitor at a particularly tough time in my existence,” Brockett shares. “The ‘hummingbird’ due to the fact has supposed peace for me.”