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Never Walk Alone Dog and Girl Poster



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Never Walk Alone Dog and Girl Poster

‘There’s big ideological differences, politically sometimes,’ Chris says. ‘I would rather just focus on myself and not get involved in what I believe are things that I can’t change’

‘I had kind of felt it coming for a long time,’ Chris says of their breakup

‘I thought about cheating on you. It was on my mind and I got pretty close to finding another girl but I just felt horrible about it and never did anything about it,’ he says.

‘That definitely caused lasting damage throughout our relationship, for sure,’ Jenna responds. ‘Trust is really important to me and it took you a long time to tell me about it. It wasn’t like the next day you were like, oh, this almost happened. It was like months later.’

‘Was it months later?’ Chris asks.

‘Yeah, it was,’ Jenna says firmly. ‘I definitely was always, like, really jealous in our relationship. I had it in my mind that you were going to cheat on me at some point.’

‘I kind of scarred the relationship pretty early,’ Chris admits.

Jenna also adds that she thinks she always loved Chris more than he loved her.

‘Genuinely, I would say that I loved you more. You would break up with me a few times, and I think you still loved me, but I was definitely the one, like, holding on. Fighting for it,’ she says.

Looking back: The couple also reflected on happier times, like the first time they had sex