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4 Straight To HellCombat Rock album tune, may 1982. Issued as a double-A-facet single, September 1982

JONES: The lyrics are exceptional. I suppose part of “Straight To Hell” become what become happening in El Salvador on the time. It changed into gonna become like Vietnam. The united states were sending advisors in and all that stuff so we were privy to every thing. That Latin consider it’s got is probably a subconscious element cos of what was happening in valuable america. Not even pondering of it however just being tuned in to issues. We under no circumstances had ‘world tune’ in these days.

SIMONON: The tune become all distinct bits that we had which got here together. “Broadway” changed into the identical, me and him doing some thing at a soundcheck which might all of sudden determine.

TERRY CHIMES: although I certainly not performed on the record, this is nonetheless my popular clash track. When Topper went and i rejoined in 1982, “Straight To Hell” turned into the one tune I loved taking part in are living more than the others. Normally I all the time favourite the sooner, tougher facet of things however since it was slower this turned into one of the most few songs that I might really take a seat again and listen to as we had been playing. The style Joe sang it, he at all times had so lots feeling. The lyrics used to get me each time.

RODDY frame: a stunning, appealing list. They were all the time a bit of forward of the game, they have been always pushing ahead. For me it’s a personal issue because i will be able to just be aware traveling in 1982 with Aztec digital camera and we listened to combat Rock over and over again on headphones and simply hearing all these attractive issues that had been happening within the music. Lyrically, it’s just brilliant and it’s very kind of own – it simply showed that the total punk issue could go in different places. In the wake of The conflict and The intercourse Pistols, there have been a couple of thousand daft punk bands however they were under no circumstances going to go any place aside from that three-chord trash. “Straight To Hell” is simply piece of track – it transcends the whole punk issue.

JOSH ROUSE: In 1986, on the gentle age of 14, I moved to toes Benning, Georgia to are living with my father, who became a drill sergeant within the US army. That summer time I bought my first conflict cassette via Columbia apartment list and tape club (“buy one listing at full rate and acquire eight extra for a penny!”). Taking note of combat Rock with its militant undertones, and living on an army base, my lifestyles was becoming very ironic. Despite the fact I loved the total album, my old flame become “Straight To Hell”. It was ideal for puberty, dark lyrics, that deep tom-tom groove. The entire music just had a spooky appeal. I examine somewhere that the lyrics had been about immigrants from the Indo-chinese wars, however of route that intended nothing to a 14-yr-old whose sole goal in life was the brand new lifeless Milkmen album… oh, and naturally, masturbation…

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Never underestimate a girl with a guitar poster

SIMON GODDARD: the first record I performed after hearing Joe Strummer had died, and it cut me in half. Then later i was going for walks around the supermarket with a Walkman and – here’s real – a makeshift black armband I’d concocted out of an historic bag strap. I was taking note of the are living From here To Eternity album, feeling fairly sombre, after which that edition of “Straight To Hell” came on where Strummer goes to the crowd “Sing in tune, you bastards”, and that i burst out laughing. It became superb as a result of all that grief over one in all my greatest heroes having died evaporated as the sheer joy of Joe Strummer abruptly dawned on me. It noted everything to me about his passion, his humanity, and his invincible rock’n’roll spirit.