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Marital situation

according to the consequences, out of each a hundred individuals aged 12 and over, 35.4 are married, 34.2 are single, 18.3 reside in commonplace law and the leisure are separated, divorced or widowed. The percent of the married inhabitants had a decrease of 5.1 percentage points, whereas the percent of the inhabitants in regular legislations union improved with the aid of 3.9 percentage aspects in comparison to 2010.


The inhabitants and Housing Census 2020 enables to grasp some cultural features of the inhabitants, the census questionnaire blanketed a query about faith and thru using this it’s widely used that in Mexico 77.7% of the inhabitants publicizes themselves Catholic, 11.2% pronounces themselves Protestant or evangelical Christian, 0.2% declare one more faith, 2.5% declare themselves a believer without having a religious affiliation and eight.1% declare themselves devoid of religion.

residing place

regarding the volume of inhabited deepest buildings, in the last decade there turned into a rise of 6.6 million, going from 28.6 to 35.2 million, which represents a standard annual boom fee of 2.2% in the length. An ordinary of three.6 people dwell in every private domestic, a standard that has been lowering over the remaining two a long time, presenting a worth of 4.4 in 2000 and three.9 in 2010.

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Of every one hundred inhabited private buildings, ninety six.2 have a cement ground or every other overlaying and most effective three.5 have a dust floor; 96.Three has piped water. Likewise, the 2020 Census displays that ninety one.1% of inhabited inner most buildings have a television, 87.6% a fridge, 87.5% a cell phone, 72.8% a washing machine, 52.1% have internet, 46.5% have their personal motor vehicle or truck, 37.6% have a computer, computing device or tablet and 37.5% have a hard and fast mobile line.

forty three.3% of the buildings have pay tv service, 18.Eight% have pay-tv motion pictures, music or videos or online and 11.5% have a video online game console.