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I had the opportunity to study a few books, and Lee and i observed a couple of things. I’ll have sent him a number of excerpts from one of the crucial books, and he’s such an attractive collaborative creator. We had been able to definitely domesticate what seemed to be like a nuanced person that turned into somebody who changed into a superb advice to Billie’s story.

graphic by way of Hulu/Takashi Seida

As complex of a person as Billie changed into, I think Jimmy going into this condition with one notion about what he turned into doing, then realizing that that’s now not what’s basically going on, and making that change is a powerful factor. It was also stunning simply to see Andra’s efficiency as Billie. Changed into she Billie as soon as she hit that set?It became earlier than walking on the set, man. It turned into once we obtained out to Montreal for the primary time, I bet every person has a narrative the place they received dinner with Andra. Every time I had dinner along with her, she walks in, she has Billie’s coat on, she has the stroll down. She has her demeanor, and we’re in a restaurant.

As a performer, as an artist, as somebody who I try to guide with intention, it became simply cool, greater than cool. You fall in love with the artist and the work ethic of someone who places themselves in that place. So as a teammate, as a pal, as a human, you’re inclined to just go to war with that person as a result of they’re that into what they’re doing. And that changed into pleasing, man. That’s the only method to describe the total adventure.

appealing is one be aware to explain a lot of it; the shots, the apparel. It’s dope that she’s already getting that Golden Globe love. Do you play into that game at all?Awards?

Yeah.With Moonlight, i was so green, and the Moonlight journey become just everything to me, man. I don’t want to say I don’t care about that stuff, but now, it’s extra just in reality trying to delight in my existence, and attempting to support be a part of cool stories that americans are going to care about. How I get to do that with you, have this conversation, to have like a real conversation with a brother who simply loves art, loves motion pictures, and loves speaking about stuff. Here is what I find irresistible to do, man. It’s just to give you the chance to do this and to try this, it’s a large blessing, man.

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photo via Hulu/Takashi Seida

What’s developing for you after Billie holiday?I form of decide upon the thought of just, “I wish to go make it, after which drop it, after which y’all be like, ‘Wait, what the?’” You recognize what I imply? I love that idea. We [always] see 50 things on every person’s agenda, however then that’s the online game they’re telling me. I’m trying to determine what I wish to do with all that stuff. As far as the next acting thing, it’s in fact time to start into action.