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It become a struggle,” Jones noted. “There weren’t junior programs like there are now. There weren’t junior summer season camps unless you have been contributors of nation golf equipment. We had been the handiest African American household at our nation membership.”

however Jones observed there changed into not ever a time when it grew to become too a great deal to make her hand over golf.

“notwithstanding there were loads of hurdles via that, [I don’t know] that i’d mentally say, ‘I don’t are looking to play golf anymore as a result of I’m the only one out here.’ I don’t suppose it might have ever received to that aspect because i spotted that golf is my passion, it’s something that I like to do and nobody can take that from me,” she mentioned. “even if i’ll not suppose welcomed, even though my household has been at tournaments where I’ve had profanity and disgusting phrases talked about to me — or hatred, racial phrases pointed out to me— it’s in no way discouraged me or my family unit from wanting to play golf.

“one of the most appears from adults at nation clubs, contributors, you might think the tension. Have you ever ever walked into a room the place you weren’t donning the correct issues? Say you were imagined to dress formal and also you came casual, the appears that you simply get, the judgment, even though individuals may additionally not even say anything, their eyes will do a lot of the talking for them and their physique language, that’s the feeling. Being the new child in school and running into the cafeteria and don’t know where to take a seat. That feeling of now not being welcomed is what you suppose if you go to a rustic club or a golf route or a event and everyone’s gazing you, like, ‘What are you doing here?’

“All it did turned into encourage me to both beat you worse or prove you incorrect. ‘i do know you don’t suppose I belong right here, but let’s let our golf equipment and our talents do the talking on who in reality doesn’t belong here.’”

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Girl That’s what I do I play golf I drink and I know things poster

In lots of the tournaments she played in Ohio, Jones changed into the simplest Black feminine. She longed to satisfy a different around her age, longed for a relationship the place they may push each different.

That didn’t ensue unless she competed at Hawthorne Hills Golf path in Lima, Ohio, against several younger Black women from Florida.

“i would see them once more each year in Toledo, however backyard of that there changed into no person,” Jones noted. “Being the only grownup that confirmed up at a event that appears like you is awfully lonely. It makes you query are you doing the correct issues. ‘the place is all and sundry?’ Are you no longer alleged to be playing this sport as a result of all and sundry else, you don’t share any commonalities with them aside from the undeniable fact that you both swing a golf club? ‘Why is it that my chums received’t play golf?’

“The journey that I had growing to be up as a junior is truly what molded me into being the PGA expert i am now.”

Even her high faculty years supplied challenges. Jones attended Catholic school a good deal of her existence and started out at St. Thomas Aquinas high faculty, however transferred halfway through her sophomore 12 months.




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