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What you thought became just one mountain turned into really three mountains lined up in a row with distance between them.

In Matthew 24, Jesus lumped collectively three hobbies that appear to turn up simultaneously. However, they’re separated in time.

top One: The Temple will be destroyed.

height Two: Christ will return.

height Three: The end of the Age will come.

The numerous achievement principle

The “Abomination of Desolation” outlined by Jesus in Matthew 24 has a triple success.

1. The primary Abomination occurred in 163 B.C. When Antiochus Epiphanies slaughtered a pig on the Temple altar and began a reign of terror upon the Jews. Thousands were murdered. He was finally defeated through the Maccabees.

2. The second Abomination passed off in 70 A.D. When Titus, the Roman common, install banners with the graphic of the emperor on them. He erected an altar to Zeus within the Temple courts and slaughtered a pig in the Holy of Holies. He grew to become the treasury rooms into public brothels and a superb persecution begun, leading to genocide.

Rumor had it that the Jews had put gold in the mortar which cemented the walls together. The Romans left no stone unturned hunting for it, simply as Jesus predicted.

3. The third Abomination, known as the “Abomination of Desolation,” occurs right through the core of the seven years of Tribulation when the false prophet will erect an image of the Antichrist within the Holy of Holies within the Temple. The statue is speakme blasphemous issues in opposition t Jesus and the kingdom of God.

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notice that every time that an Abomination seems, outstanding waves of loss of life and big persecution comply with. That’s why we examine in Matthew 24 that Jesus informed his people to run away as quickly as they may as a way to avoid persecution and dying.

So if you happen to see standing within the holy vicinity ‘the abomination that explanations desolation,’ spoken of in the course of the prophet Daniel—let the reader bear in mind—then let people that are in Judea flee to the mountains. Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything else out of the residence. Let no one in the container go returned to get their cloak. (vv. 15-18)