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“I do agree with that the means for the same share to be shorted an indefinite variety of times is a bit of of a pathology and that should still be fixed and i believe step one among it really is modernizing the antiquated agreement infrastructure that everything is built on. We effectively don’t have the skill to safely tune which shares were shorted and how again and again as they’re relocating via our settlement system.”

“Robinhood owns what came about and we deserve to be certain it doesn’t turn up once again but Robinhood Securities had restricted alternate options and i agree with the crew did the appropriate element and the only element.

“fee for order move is one of our biggest revenue sources. Yes (it is the largest.)”


“As i was making an attempt to clarify… The satisfactory of the execution varies by using the channel of the order, here’s a commonly understood phenomenon in economics.”

“we now have fought for 15 years to make that the groundwork wherein orders are allotted as a result of we strongly believe fortress is more desirable to deliver more advantageous execution for retail orders in the end.”

“we’re capable of share our trading acumen with retail traders, give them a more robust fee and provides funds for orderflow to firms like Robinhood.

“This has been very vital for the democratization of finance.”

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“I agree with that the short activity in GameStop become awesome. I’m not sure it’s value us delving into legislative corrections for a very wonderful situation.”

“We of path are speaking to Robinhood as we manipulate a substantial component of their order stream.

“completely now not (whether or not they contacted Robinhood about proscribing trading in GameStop).”

“We don’t own DTCC. We aren’t celebration to the discussion/ speak between DTCC and Robinhood. We’ve actually nothing to do with DTCC apart from being a member of DTCC… Castle Securities owes an obligation of best execution for every order that comes from Robinhood and that i’m pleased with how critically our team takes that most useful execution.”

“If we have been to consider about legislative priorities this (short promoting) doesn’t make the right one hundred listing.”