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The four-stream Sonata Para Guitarra that Puerto Rican composer Roberto Sierra penned for Barrueco is the album’s outlier. It represents 21st-century music for the guitar with Caribbean influences. “Roberto’s Sonata is a enormous work and an important one,” Barrueco says. “It’s a piece that needs to be available getting played. It’s no longer as effortless to hearken to as one of the different items on the CD. Listeners will hear solid [compositional] craftsmanship. They won’t be whistling the piece on the way home, however they will be impressed by it.”

protective of the GuitarPresenting purely classical works in his recitals is paramount for Barrueco. He is two generations down the continuum from Segovia, whose early twentieth-century mission become to gain acceptance for the guitar in the classical world, sundering it from the flamenco way of life and normal song patterns.

“It’s no longer that I don’t relish other kinds of tune,” Barrueco says. “I believe we keep in mind what’s folkloric, what’s universal, and what’s classical and need to make it clear what we are doing. These days, individuals are at ease enjoying some issues that, frankly, I don’t feel belong on the concert stage.

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“I don’t wish to come across as a snob,” he continues. “I don’t feel a symphony is more desirable than a pop song. That you could have a symphony that’s a chunk of garbage and a pop music that’s a jewel and work of artwork. I am worried about how the guitar fits into the spectrum of classical track. I admire every little thing, together with rap, nation, and rock track. I will be able to’t suppose of any familiar or folkloric track that I don’t like. But I think there should be a big difference between musical styles. I are attempting to play programs a good way to please the serious listener in order that a person who goes to piano concerts may get pleasure from it and locate meaning in the song. I am not necessarily a purist, however i’m when it involves the classical guitar. I try to be protective of it.”

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Barrueco has, youngsters, made some totally a hit excursions backyard the classical realm with albums for the EMI label showcasing music via Paul Simon, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, and others. His disc of Lennon and McCartney songs in solo, duo, and orchestral settings, crafted via Leo Brouwer, Tōru Takemitsu, and others is top notch. He also recorded with guitarists Al Di Meola, Andy Summers, and Steve Morse. “We should do what we do choicest,” he says. “I’m not first rate at taking part in general track. I’ve executed it after I had exceptional companions who were willing to satisfy me midway.”