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one are the days when Nova cuddled in my lap and slept while I examine books or watched tv within the evening. Now, she stretches out beside me, her legs dangling over the fringe of the chair and onto the foot leisure.

As she’s grown, Nova’s cuteness has diminished. I’m certain she can be a stunning dog, however presently she’s at an awkward stage; her legs are too lengthy for her physique, her head appears disproportionate to the leisure of her and she hasn’t filled out. She looks form of waif-like.

Nova’s character, like her physique, is continuing to boost. She’s fairly well-behaved however has her teenaged moments when she looks at us defiantly and barks returned with a sneer on her face. That constantly occurs when we inform her in a gruff voice to stop doing whatever she knows she shouldn’t be doing; gnawing on the desk leg, grabbing a dish towel and running away with it or determining up sticks to bite when she goes outside to go potty.

in the meantime, Nova has found out she is tall satisfactory to attain things on the kitchen counter and is persistent about leaping up and trying to grab them with her paws or swipe them off along with her tongue, which looks love it’s as a minimum 17 ft lengthy when there’s something tasty sitting on the counter.

while I formally am Nova’s owner, all of our family members take responsibility for her care and discipline. I don’t need to be in the equal room with our puppy to grasp when she’s being naughty as a result of even within the farthest corner of the condo i can hear my husband, sons or daughter hollering her name in frustration the same way I do when she’s trying out my persistence: “Nova. Nov-a-a-a. NOVA!”

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On the flip aspect, Nova’s behavior in many ways has shown development. She is potty knowledgeable and rarely has accidents indoors. She sleeps in the course of the night in her kennel and she is aware of the way to stroll beside us when on the leash.

researching how to walk on a leash is important because we get Nova backyard popular for a two-mile trek with Casey and Rosebud, until it’s too frigid to securely accomplish that. Nova has boundless energy and the walks keep her –and us – sane. In any other case, she’s a whirling dervish this is feverishly running in circles across the kitchen desk, tearing up and down the size of the household room couch or worrying Rosebud and Casey by yapping and nipping at them in an attempt to get her to play.