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Chris Wallace didn’t communicate to father Mike for a year after the older journalist stole a story from him.Getty images

In 2003, pros at “Primetime are living” requested Rosen to mentor Cuomo in investigative journalism.

“I reluctantly agreed,” Rosen writes. “Cuomo greeted me with, ‘I remember you’re my new bitch.’ ”

“He lost me at hiya,” Rosen recalls. “That son of a bitch Cuomo, i thought, he is definitely going to go a ways in this business.”

while his caustic arrogance turned into unwelcome at ABC, Cuomo made it part of his act on cable.

“I hate that woman. Don’t agree with a note she says.”

Diane Sawyer on rival colleague Barbara Walters

Katie Couric infuriated Rosen all through her short and unhappy “60 Minutes” stint.

“Lazy and disengaged, and notion she become smarter than all and sundry who worked on the demonstrate,” he judges. “She wasn’t.”

In 2008, on the top of Hillary Clinton’s presidential simple battle with Barack Obama, “60 Minutes” scored a coup: both candidates agreed to let the exhibit behind the scenes of their campaigns to film twin segments that might run in the identical Sunday evening slot. Couric changed into assigned the Clinton interview.

but while producers wanted to problem the previous first lady with weighty questions, Couric become decided to go together with her trademark perkiness. She tossed Rosen’s script and went for the fluff.

creator Ira RosenPatrick McMullan by means of Getty photos

“How do you do it? … I’m speaking about pure stamina,” Couric started as Rosen steamed on the sidelines.

Clinton answered with a laundry listing of grandmotherly inanities: “I take vitamins. I drink tea, not espresso anymore … Wash your palms all of the time. And if you can’t, use Purell.”

“The interview went downhill from there,” Rosen gripes. “I saved pondering, ‘For this, they are paying Katie $15 million a yr?’ ”

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Mike Wallace on no account mellowed with age. At ABC, Rosen partnered with Chris Wallace, who had a fractious relationship along with his father each in my opinion and professionally.

“I now discovered myself within the weird place of passing along the training I learned from his father to his son,” Rosen remembers.

In 1997, as Chris Wallace organized a narrative on comedian Chris Rock, his father derailed it — with the aid of convincing Rock to do a sit down-down with him in its place, on the grounds that “60 Minutes” had more advantageous ratings.

“This became a betrayal on so many ranges. I felt I had to name Mike,” Rosen writes.

“ ‘Mike, why would you rip off your youngster?’ I asked.