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He later claimed the cartel torched his marijuana box as a warning and to cease him from making speedy money to pay his debt.

Jose Prieto sought out someone with a powerful enterprise heritage to help him earn cash to repay the cartel. He contacted his son, Louis Prieto, notwithstanding the two hadn’t spoken in additional than 15 years as a result of a dispute.

He pitched it as a chance.

collectively, they could make quick money, loads of it.

Louis Prieto did not want the money. He joined the U.S. Air drive and served a tour in Iraq, later volunteering to go back in area of a pal who had a family hassle.

throughout 4 years of carrier, he bought several medals and commendations and earned the rank of senior airman.

He obtained an honorable discharge in 2008 and headed to college, earning a master’s diploma in accounting.

Louis Prieto had settled in los angeles, a two-hour drive southwest of his father in Apple Valley. He labored for the state of California, auditing local municipalities collaborating in state govt welfare classes.

He also later worked in the deepest sector as an accountant. Dad and Son ride moto To my dad Poster

He quit his job in 2016 and opted to be a live-at-home dad to his newborn son while his spouse, who labored for L’Oreal cosmetics, supported the family unit.

that’s when his estranged father got here knocking. Louis Prieto neglected his father and agreed to aid him out of his bind.

quickly the two were tossing cube collectively at casinos and sharing gourmand foodstuff at upscale eating places. And the cash rolled in.