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Breast Cancer Awareness We Don’t Know How Strong We Are Until Being Strong Is The Only Poster



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An inspirational young woman who has been diagnosed with incurable breast melanoma in her twenties has spread out over her courageous fight with the condition, and her efforts to rally for exchange to make things more suitable for people in her position in future.

Tassia Haines was clinically determined with basic breast melanoma at the age of simply 24 in 2016. Working in a bar in Cardiff at the time, she had experienced intense fatigue, however notion it changed into simply all the way down to her job.

but what adopted on an unrelated go back and forth to her doctor turned into something that she couldn’t perhaps have anticipated.

“I had a small complicated lump up beneath my arm round October 2015, but nothing in my breast, so i thought nothing of it,” the 29-12 months-historical, from Port Talbot explained.

“however i used to be particularly drained and infrequently felt very unwell at the time, i used to be working at Be At One Cocktail bar in Cardiff, with very busy shifts over the Rugby World Cup and yuletide, and concept the severe fatigue could be explained away.

“In January 2016, i used to be at the GP for anything unrelated and requested her to check below my arm. Lengthy story short, eight weeks later i used to be clinically determined with breast melanoma in the left breast and lymph nodes below my arm. 2016 grew to become a blur with six rounds of chemotherapy (3 times FEC and three times Docetaxel), a mastectomy and axillary lymph node clearance, adopted with 15 blasts of radiotherapy.

“I found treatment very challenging however refused to take it convenient. I entered a bar tending competitors all through chemo, became preoccupied with the semi-finals round surgical procedure, and became researching for the finals throughout radiotherapy. It turned into a fine distraction and set me back up to face the realm again after a spring/summer time in hiding. I was quickly told there changed into no evidence of melanoma and picked up where I left off.”

leave out Haines is pictured working at Be At One Cocktail bar (photo: Submitted by way of Tassia Haines)

After she was advised her cancer had long past away, the Bristol quality paintings graduate, who has a fondness for the outdoors, including horse using and biking, felt free to renew her general lifestyles once more. That changed into until early December 2019, when she all started experiencing ache in her lower back.

She defined: “I began getting some outstanding lower back pain, by using now I hadn’t lengthy been working as an outdoor endeavor instructor at Go Ape – so as soon as again I drew the ‘probably’ conclusion the ache turned into generated from going up and down ziplines all day. I also fell down the steps.

“despite the fact, as December rolled on the pain grew to become further and further insufferable except Nick [Brayley, Miss Haines’s partner] eventually persuaded me to move to the medical professional round New yr’s Eve. Here is the place hell all started. Within the house of 30 days i was assessed nine times by using six diverse individuals, two doctors, two nurses and two physios.

“one of the most nurses took me severely, and put me to a further doctor. Lamentably, i was getting sicker and sicker, however become informed time and again to preserve carrying on as typical (working in Go-Ape and horse using). I ran out of time and on January 30, at the same time as using Nick to work I had to pull over to the side of the street to be sick. But the pain turned into so severe on my back, after straining, I could not take a seat up. I blacked out for a few seconds after which realised my face turned into on the cold moist pavement. I used to be paralysed.”

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Breast Cancer Awareness We Don’t Know How Strong We Are Until Being Strong Is The Only Poster

leave out Haines was taken to Morriston sanatorium, and 14 hours later, she was given some devastating news.

“They at last found out what turned into incorrect with me – It became incurable stage 4 breast cancer in bones – the femurs, hips, ribs, far and wide the backbone and neck,” she mentioned.

“i was discharged from medical institution six days later however i was complaining my face become numb and i was still in pain. I was desperate to go away so didn’t push. Four days later I blacked out and collapsed again in my kitchen. This time they discovered tumours on my skull and i was kept in for plenty longer. I have been so frustrated by way of the apparent apathy and shortage of urgency in my diagnosis besides the fact that I already had a historical past of breast melanoma – It baffles me how this became no longer regarded a factor.”