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American by birth golf girl by choice poster

And don’t forget these crucial wrinkles:

  • A random appearance by Banarama’s “Cruel Summer” (an ’80s classic) during the scene when Daniel gets kicked off the soccer team. Always gets me fired up.
  • Miyagi teaching Daniel-San karate by forcing him to perform household chores like painting fences, sanding floors and waxing cars. That always killed me. Daniel-San somehow learns karate from all of this, while Miyagi gets his house remodeled. Only in Hollywood.

(Note: This sequence was especially beneficial for me and my college buddies, since we used to joke that the Irish-Catholic girls in our school were trained by Mr. Miyagi — every time you made a move on them, they rebuffed you with either “paint the fence,” “wax on/wax off” or “sand the floor.” There was one girl we actually just referred to simply as “Miyagi.” That’s right, college … $22,000 a year at the time.)

  • Miyagi’s surreal ability to “massage” any injured part of the body and bring it back to life. I don’t even have a joke here.
  • The inspiring All-Valley Karate Tournament montage (one of my favorite sports movie sequence ever), taken to the next level by that “You’re the best … Around … Nothing’s ever gonna keep you down!” song. I’ve probably watched this sequence 455 times in my life, and if it was showing on HBO8 right now, I’d be taking a break for No. 456. I love when Daniel beats Dutch (the white-haired kid, played by Chad McQueen, who would eventually make a name for himself on Skinemax). In real life, would Daniel-San have ever beaten Dutch? Of course not. Even in the movie, they skimp over that fight because they know it’s totally improbable.

Still, a great sequence, capped off by Daniel-San’s injury, Miyagi’s massage trick, a chill scene when Daniel-San limps out of the locker room to fight Zabka (“He’s gonna fight! Daniel LaRusso is gonna fight!”), and, of course…