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I’m staycationing in our living room at our Pine highway house in Ripley. I’m scripting this column on Tuesday, Feb. 16. I’m on a snow day staycation!

“Staycation” is a flowery term for spending your time-off at home. Faculties are closed all week (Sorry, children: there’s nonetheless online getting to know). The roads are lined in a vibrant white blanket for now. FGG left at 2 a.M. To dash in the course of the snow to the Memphis Airport to fly to Vegas for the week. I’m bound it’s now not 9 levels with eight inches of powder on the ground in Vegas!

Having lived within the better Boston enviornment for my first 21 years, Florida for the past 20 twenty years, and all over the place from Maui, Hawaii, to the brilliant Smoky Mountains within the years in-between, i am lucky in that i will say I have lived in both wintry weather wonderlands and tropical paradises. My undergrad faculty major changed into English, not geography, so please excuse the fact that it didn’t fairly register in my intellect (notwithstanding Becky, my mother-in-love, had warned me, that Mississippi, which I regarded to be The South, would get as an awful lot snow as we at present have). I additionally did not predict it to be THIS bloodless, however I vaguely recall her mentioning it could get as little as 9 degrees backyard and 50 levels interior this historical apartment! My arthritis thinks i am again in New England! So, as I talked about, i’m scripting this week’s column, all bundled up in our lounge, briefly doing away with my gloves to class this column.

I may sit right here and gripe about the bloodless and get FGG to fly me out to Vegas to join him. Most of facebook likes to gripe about either politics or weather, however no longer I. No, ma’am. 2021 already has satisfactory of #allthegriping. These days, I choose to appear on the vibrant aspect. A snow day is a perfect day for a staycation, no matter if you have toddlers at domestic or now not. “So burrow in. Snuggle deep. A winter idyll of basic elegance awaits.” — Sarah Ban Breathnach

Snow Day Staycations with children

Or buy here : All I need is love and yoga and knitting poster


all of us tend to get a little too busy. A snow day is an opportunity to decelerate and just take pleasure in our children, if we’ve any at home, and make some precious reminiscences.  View from home (viewfromhome.Com) is full of exceptional snow day staycation concepts. Listed below are some I’ve compiled from the website:

1. Crossfit Snow exercise: For older children/young adults: Shoveling snow is a boredom buster and a pass-fit exercising, too. Suppose endorphins! Get those would-be lazy bodies off of Snapchat and outdoors to shovel the driveway, and the neighbor’s driveway, too. Celebrate with some sizzling Chocolate Magic after they’re all accomplished “figuring out.” give your kids with bowls, scoop up the snow and add it to your saucepan. Then, watch it soften into chocolatey goodness on the stove collectively.