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A parent’s prayer Smiles when sadness intrudes poster



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A parent’s prayer Smiles when sadness intrudes poster

As it turned out, the Senate committee held up Glaspie’s nomination for six months before confirming her. “A few people were uneasy about the choice,” a staff member says. “But there was no smoking gun.”

BUT the truth about a person as talented as Glaspie is complex, and the foregoing is just one layer of it. Chas Freeman recalls, “The few times I met her, I got the feeling of a tough woman.” Freeman met Glaspie in Bonn in April of 1990, almost four months before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. They and other U.S. Ambassadors in the Middle East had come to Germany for a conference with John Kelly. Among the many documents submitted for review at this chiefs-of-mission conference was a long, three-part telegram crafted by Freeman and his embassy staff in Riyadh. Freeman thought that the winding-down of the Cold War would affect theaters beyond Europe. There would be “a collapse in the Horn of Africa” (which soon took place, with the overthrow of leftist regimes in Somalia and Ethiopia) and an upsurge in the expression of age-old local rivalries throughout the Arab world. The telegram specifically warned of the danger of Iraqi aggression against Kuwait.

“The telegram flew in the face of Kelly and his staff,” one source says. But one of the few people who spoke up and supported Freeman’s thesis about Saddam Hussein’s intentions was Glaspie. “April was certainly not wearing blinkers regarding the despicable nature of the Iraqi regime and its potential for troublemaking,” said a source who had access to the pre-invasion cables.