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Alix Popham, 41, played for Newport, Leeds, Llanelli Scarlets and Brive, and received 33 Wales caps between 2003 and 2008. He is one in all a bunch of retired rugby gamers who were diagnosed with likely chronic annoying encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease caused with the aid of repeated blows to the head. CTE, that could handiest be utterly clinically determined postmortem, turned into first followed in boxers within the 1920s, who had been labelled “punch under the influence of alcohol”. In 2005 the pathologist Dr Bennet Omalu found the first facts of it in the brain of a former NFL participant, Mike Webster, and within the years given that it has been diagnosed in retired athletes from various collision sports, including ice hockey, Australian suggestions football, and now, rugby union.

The Hollywood edition of Omalu’s story turned into advised in the Will Smith film Concussion. Omalu is an outspoken campaigner in opposition t collision sports and a controversial determine within the community of medical doctors, scientists, and academics working during this enviornment. Many consultants consider that he misrepresents the science of CTE, and the hazards concerned in collision sports. However he continues to be an influential recommend. And Popham, who has currently installation a brand new basis to develop research into neurodegenerative sickness in the UK, became keen to discuss with him about his experiences. The Guardian sat in on their dialog, which has been edited for length and clarity.

Omalu: The concerns we’re dealing with are cultural, and culture is not objective. However we be aware of there is no such issue as a secure, violent blow to the human head. It really is a scientific fact. But on account of tradition, we develop alternative truths to serve our convenience. Modern society is enraptured with violence in activities. One of the most most conventional sports in america and in Europe – rugby, soccer, blended martial arts, wrestling – these are very violent activities. These are games the place in every play there’s publicity to annoying brain damage.

Popham: and how lengthy have we conventional that this was an issue?

Omalu: Hippocrates changed into the one who first described concussion. They used to call it commotio cerebri. By the Renaissance, European docs had already dependent that should you suffer brain trauma it’s everlasting. They’d diverse names for it, at some points they call it disturbing encephalitis, and that they called it disturbing neurosis, and annoying psychosis. So this has been based for centuries. But as we acquired into the 20th century, sports grew to be massive company, there was a conflict between the fitness of the avid gamers and the money the buyers make. And like in everything in life, funds prevailed.

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Rugby To My Son You Have Given Me So Many Reasons Poster


The Hollywood version of Dr Bennet Omalu’s story became informed in the Will Smith film Concussion. Graphic: Dpa image Alliance/Alamy

I’ll inform you the fact, the blunt certainty, the unconventional actuality: we don’t have any cure for your ailment. All medicine can do for you today is help you to control your signs. What I’ve seen, in my opinion, is that retired gamers who’ve good household help commonly do stronger. Gamers who have respectable nuclear households, who’ve help from their wives, infants, fogeys, brothers and sisters, they do much enhanced than others who don’t have such support.