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On the ice, Crosby made the start to the Pee Wee AAA level, despite being simply 10 years historic. And when he made the group, his new hockey train can be his old baseball coach: Mason.

“He was underage, however he was the precise player in his first 12 months,” Mason observed. “He dominated and every crew knew that he turned into the player you needed to stop.”

regardless of the success, coaching a player of Crosby’s caliber did latest its justifiable share of complications for the teaching group of workers.

“We referred to it jokingly, but we weren’t joking, offensively you very nearly could not teach him at Pee Wee as a result of he saw issues that you failed to see,” Mason humbly admitted. “What he may see reside all over the play became distinctive than other kids. You could teach him some things defensively or equipment plays, but you couldn’t avoid someone with that ability at that age.”

nonetheless it wasn’t simply the aggregate of vision and ability that separated Crosby from his friends, youngsters that changed into a big part of it. It was Crosby’s intangibles, that have been evident even from an early age.

“Sid is awfully, very competitive,” Mason noted. “He had a power to study and a will to win that you do not see in youngsters that age.

“he’s the same man (today). The competitor comes out each time he plays golf or Frisbee in the backyard.”

Mason summed up Crosby’s most distinguishable trait: “He hated to lose likely more than he preferred to win.”

Mason, who turned into inducted into the Maritime sports hall of fame on June 14, has considered many talented children come and go in his pretty much 4 many years of coaching. He knew from the second he saw Crosby play at 6 years old that he could be an NHL participant.

but there were two moments in Pee Wee that made Mason understand that Crosby might truly be particular, as in definitely dwelling as much as “The next One” hype.

the first moment took place at Cole Harbour vicinity, a multi-intention facility that homes two ice rinks and is the place Crosby played all the way through his early life. On a sheet of ice known as Scotia 1, Crosby had the puck under the intention line and nearly in the back of the web. His teammate, Corey Manfield, became open within the slot, however there was no direct line to circulate. So Crosby banked a flow off the net and correct onto Manfield’s stick. He buried the shot.

“We looked at every other on the bench. We will by no means overlook that,” Mason mentioned. “We spoke of that for years. I’ve never considered that finished at another stage.”

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Hockey Peeing on the seat is like hitting the post on an empty net Don’t hit the post poster


The 2d moment came about all through the international BSR tournament in Quebec. There turned into a lot of hype surrounding a kid from northern Quebec.

“The individuals referred to he became this particular child, so we went to observe him,” Mason referred to. “I bear in mind announcing that we’ve a child nearly as good as him, if now not better, and he is not even Pee Wee age.”

Crosby discovered himself once more competing towards children that were two-, three-years older. Within the first video game of that event he score